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Australia gets a taste of Cokee

NSW, Australia, April 2007 - Cokee Sudio™ makes the headlines
once more when american actress Ashley Jones writes about the Oscars® on her monthly column on the April issue of Australian Magazine TV Soap.

Cokee Studio have an ingenoius line of shirts with "a blunt sense
of humor" for people who love to hate Hollywood. They're going a
bit further now: every nominee attending the Entertainment Weekly
Oscar party will recieve a shirt.

Cokee Studio Tees NOW available at Seen ON!

NOW, Cokee Studio™ fans can find their favorite Cokee Tees at SEENON.COM.

Cokee Studio Tees featured on EXTRA

EXTRA TV featured Cokee Studio™ on the shelves of Hollywood's trend setting shop Kitson.
The story, part of EXTRA's "Gimme! Gimme!," told why Hoollywood is crazed about these catchy tees. Plus, showed footage of Desperate Housewives' Josh Henderson during a Cokee Studio™ Tees
photo shoot with celebrity photographer Gilles Toucas!

Be on the watch because EXTRA will run a Special Gimm! Gimme! Edition soon.
Check EXTRA TV for local TV listings.

Cokee Studio Launches New T-Shirt Collections at
Pool Trade Show 13

The Truth Hurts: “Hollywood” and “Politics” Collections Feature Modern Designs with Blunt Sense of Humor and a Delightfully Wicked Bite

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 13, 2007 – Los Angeles-based fashion start-up Cokee Studio™ launches eight new “Hollywood” and “Politics” T-Shirt styles for men and seven new styles for women at Pool 13 Trade Show today.

Designed for men and women who love to laugh at Hollywood and who revel in the irreverent humor of political satire, the new Hollywood definitions for men and women include “Reality Show Star,” “Producer,” and “Director.” New Politics definitions this season are “Blue State” and “Red State.”

New at Pool 13 today from Cokee Studio™ are three slogan tees:

I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER (for women)


PEOPLE ARE DRAWN TO ME (for both women and men):

Also new this season from Cokee Studio™ are polo shirts for men in three colors, featuring super-soft slightly distressed 100% combed cotton and the embroidered Cokee Studio™ graphic rendering of
Coquí the Frog,” inspired by the drawings of the pre-colonial inhabitants of Puerto Rico, the Tainos.

Returning tee shirt definitions this season for both men and women are: “Actor,” “Agent,” “Writer,” “Publicist,” “Soap Star,” and “Politician.” Slogan tee returning this season:


Cokee Studio™ tee shirts and polos feature super-soft, semi-sheer cotton fabric, trendy colors, distressed details, unfinished hems, exposed “inside-out” seams, and updated sexier fitted cuts. Copyrighted text on the chest of the shirts is silk-screened using a lightly printed, and in most cases, water-based technique that keeps them soft to the touch, and prevents them from feeling hard or brittle.

Cokee Studio™ is now on the web at and

Press Contact:
David Gregg
(323) 951-9747


The Truth Hurts

Cokee Studio™ was launched in 2005 by Los Angeles entertainment industry publicity and marketing experts Adrián Avilés and David Gregg with “THE HOLLYWOOD LINE”, a hilariously funny collection of men’s and women’s tee shirts that feature brutally honest, spot-on “pronunciations” and “definitions” of Hollywood professions with a delightfully wicked bite.

Aside from the verbal sophistication reflected in the well-crafted words of the definitions, Cokee Studio™ set their tees apart from other brands by using 1) super-soft, almost-sheer fabric 2) updated sexier cuts 3) exposed “inside-out” seams 4) unfinished hems, and 5) trendy colors. Definitions available this season include: Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Soap Star, Reality Show Star, Agent, and Publicist.

In addition to “THE HOLLYWOOD LINE”, Cokee Studio™ also released "THE POLITICS LINE”, inspired by political satirists such as Jon Stewart and his television show, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central. Definitions available in this year's collection are: Politician, Red State, and Blue State.

These sleek, minimalist shirts quickly found their way into the trendiest stores in Hollywood and Europe, where they have become a staple at Kitson, the fashion-forward trend-setting shop on Robertson in Beverly Hills. Distributed to this year’s Emmy nominees and presenters at the Entertainment Weekly Magazine Emmy Party, they have since become “the gift to give” by Hollywood entertainment industry insiders, who love to laugh at themselves all in good fun. In the British Isles, they are distributed throughout the ultra-trendy Irish department store chain, Brown Thomas.

In Hollywood, wearing a Cokee Studio™ tee means being a Hollywood insider and having the secret scoop about who does what in Tinseltown. Cokee Studio™ will release new colors, new styles and new definitions each season.

What does "Cokee" Mean?

Cokee Studio™ is named after the coquí, a tiny golden frog native to the Island of Puerto Rico. (“Cokee” is the English phonetic spelling of the Spanish word.) A potent symbol of nature, during the day the coquí’s song always predicts rainfall. Every night, the island is filled with the sound of millions of coquí fogs all singing at once, though not in unison. The Cokee Studio™ graphic rendering of “Coquí the Frog” is inspired by the drawings that the pre-colonial inhabitants, the Tainos, left behind after their disappearance.

What does the Cokee Studio slogan, "More Status Faster" mean?

Clothes have the ability to raise an individual’s level of influence in society instantaneously.
Cokee Studio™ is aware that consumers demand status quickly.

Designer Adrián Avilés’ grandfather is the patriarch of a coffee plantation in the mountain-top pueblo of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, where he grew up with a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea and a close connection with nature. He studied Public Communication at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan and subsequently made a career as an advertising Creative Director there and in New York, until a passion for entertainment led him to Los Angeles.

Cokee Studio™ believes that true status is obtained faster by seeking a level of awareness that leads to a peaceful and responsible co-existence with nature and others. To this end Cokee Studio™ will donate a portion of profits to The Sierra Club, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of the environment.

Cokee Studio™ is now on the web at and

Press Contact:
David Gregg
(323) 951-9747

Cokee launches on Myspace

Los Angeles, California, February 7, 2007 - Cokee Sudio™ has
joined the virtual community on Fans and friends now
have the opportunity to meet each other, interact and keep in touch
with Cokee Studio™'s new styles and trends.

People have the option of suggesting definitions or asking the
Cokee Studio™ Team the words they would like to read on the
next collection.The page also features music, videos and links
to Cokee's favorite trends and charities.

Cokee Studio on Omiru's
Friday Fashion Hotlist

Issue XXXVII of the Friday Fashion Hotlist:
a weekly compilation of the cutest and coolest stuff
Style Intelligence Report saw out there this week.

Cokee Studio Tees:
Kitson's "Latest Trend"
now available instore and online

Appearing this week in the shelves of Kitson,
the trendiest store in the heart of Hollywood.
available for men and women
will deliver internationally

115 S. Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA USA 90048

Cokee Studio at Pool X (Las Vegas, 2006)
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