actor [hôr] n. 1. Self-absorbed waiter from broken home
seeking to substitute fame for lack of ability to love.
See also spotlight chaser.

agent [krEp] n. 1. Trafficker of human talent evoking a
sensation similar to insects crawling over one’s flesh.
See also ten-percenter.

publicist [lo-lif] n. 1. Persona non grata compensating for
low self-esteem by controlling access to celebrities.
See also personal valet.

soap star [sha-lo] n. 1. Relatively unknown,
unappreciated actor. 2. Huge superstar in eastern Europe.
See also job security.

reality show star [skangk] n. 1. Fame-obsessed actor wannabe
with no sense of personal privacy boundaries.
See also bottom feeder.

producer [sel-out] n. 1. Accessible provider of pleasures at
high costs with no commitment at all what-so-ever.
See also philistine.

director [ti-rent] n. 1. Tinsel-town alpha-visionary who
objectifies humans as subject matter for next blockbuster.
See also God Complex.

writer [nu-rä-tik] n. 1. Introvert found alone listening to a
still small voice saying he is the greatest voice of his era.
See also word nerd.

politician [li-er] n. 1. Leads the press and the public into
unreality using deliberate deceit, glittering generalities,
and down-home charm. See also empty rhetoric.

blue state [sin-ers] n. 1. Fringe areas of the U.S.A. where
moral decay is so rampant, dudes can marry dudes.
See also Sodom &  Gomorra.

red state [härt-land] n. 1. Vast non-coastal area of U.S.A.
whur all them people's still got Jesus in thur hearts.
See also God's Country.

the burden of being a star’s puppet

i am the star of my own life

people are drawn to me

i am not your mother / you are not my mother.